Flowers a Love Story is an epistolary novel told in florist receipts along with the letters and notes that accompany the flowers delivered. There is no narrative, but each page contains a wealth of information for the reader to put the story together. Each receipt reveals clues as to who, what, when, where and why. The illustrations complement each event. Dates are especially important as the story progresses chronologically over time. The story follows the life of a girl born in 1935 and a boy born six years later in 1941. They were both born on the same day. The two characters lead separate yet extraordinary lives over the next forty years.

You get to imagine what is happening how their lives are touched by emotions and historical events of the time. From the depression to World War Two, the election of John Kennedy along with the tragedy of his death and that of his brother Bobby, all overshadowed with the war in Vietnam. The thoughts and emotions of the two characters are expressed by the sending and receiving flowers. Love and loss, elation and sorrow, all are expressed throughout the story.

Use your imagination and enjoy!